AMEX Casinos

amexAmerican Express is a name that signifies wealth and prestige. From the time the company was founded in 1850, it has been at the forefront of the financial services community, offering travelers’ checks, charge cards and, most recently, credit cards. While it was once seen as a brand for the wealthy and powerful, AMEX has now become a more accessible brand, with many of their products targeted as mass market and younger customers.

Given the highly respected nature of this company, you might expect that it would be a popular choice for online gambling deposits. That’s not exactly the case, but their credit cards can still be used to deposit at many reputable gaming sites.
Can I Use This Method to Play for Real Money?

Yes, it is possible to use this deposit method to play for real money at an online gambling establishments. However, you should know that if you also have cards issued by Visa or MasterCard, it may be easier to use those cards. That’s because they are more widely accepted, and transactions using those brands are more likely to be approved. With that said, there many popular AMEX sites and the best of these with the highest acceptance rate are found just below.

Advantages of Using this Solution

The major advantage of using an American Express card to make an deposit is that it is one of the easiest ways to move money into your account. While other methods might require you to sign up for new services or link your bank account to an e-wallet, using a credit card is always simple: you give your account information to the site, and the transaction is immediately processed. Assuming it is approved, your money will be in your account in a matter of seconds.

Issues to Consider

Unfortunately, as we briefly mentioned above, these types of cards are not as commonly accepted at as other major brands. This is likely because this particular brand has relatively strong policies against the use of their cards for gambling-related transactions.

Despite those restrictions, there are still plenty of sites where you won’t have any trouble funding your account. However, even at these sites there is no absolute guarantee that your transaction will go through as for one reason or another deposits can be declined, forcing players to find an alternative means of funding an account.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try using your card to deposit: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying, and many players find that their payments go through consistently without any problems. But be prepared for the possibility of having your deposit rejected. For some users, having a backup plan for depositing is always a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my card is declined?

There are no charges or any other issues if your credit card is declined. The only problem, of course, is that you will not have made a successful deposit. As an alternative, you might want to try a different credit card or a different kind of deposit method, such as an e-wallet (Neteller, Skrill) or a bank transfer.

Can I use a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards can be used like a standard credit card, which means that if a site accepts major credit cards as a banking option, the prepaid cards should be accepted as well. That does come with a major caveat, however: just like the normal cards, there is a relatively high chance that gaming transactions may be rejected, making this a less reliable way to fund your accounts.

How much can I deposit?

There may be some restrictions on your card that limit how much you can deposit over a short period of time. Beyond that, the minimum and maximum deposits are set by the individual casinos. For credit card transactions, it is common for the minimum deposit to be around $35, while the maximum for new players is often set at $1,000 or less. These numbers can sometimes be changed for VIP clients, who may be offered higher deposit maximums if they wish to put more money in their accounts.

Why is this payment solution accepted less often than other credit card brands?

American Express exercises tighter controls over their credit cards than Visa and MasterCard, both of which allow issuing banks to set almost all policy on how their cards can be used. That means that their aversion to allowing online gambling purchases impacts most cards with their branding. This is becoming less true as time goes on, as they have begun to offer their brand name to cards issued by banks, and those cards may have a better chance of being accepted at Internet sites.