Casino Bonuses FAQ

Readers sometimes have questions and clarifications. Below is list of frequently asked questions. Scan this FAQ for any follow-up questions you might have.

Why would anyone give free money to players?What is the minimum deposit?

A minimum deposit is the amount of money needed to collect a matching bonus. If you don’t deposit the minimum, you don’t get a bonus. Luckily, the min deposit is usually quite low.
Some site have a minimum deposit of $5. Others set their minimum at $10 or $20. These are the common limits, but you might find outliers, given the thousands of gaming sites on the Internet.

Why should I have to scan my ID before joining a site? Is this safe?

Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos in which people are physically present, casinos have no idea who is behind the screen. They want a reasonable certainty you are who you claim to be. Verification sometimes requires a scan of your vital documents, like a driver’s license.
Not every operator is the same. Be certain you trust the operator who asks for your information. Only use the well-known, trusted sites. These companies have a long reputation of good behavior. If you choose a little-known site without much of an Internet footprint, you put your vital information and credit card information into the hands of a total stranger.

Can I use multiple payment methods?

Yes. Many sites offer dozens of deposit options exist, to make a site as accessible as possible. Sites have policies which require someone to use the same method of withdrawal as they used for a deposit. If you use a credit card to pay, you probably won’t be able to withdraw that money to a web wallet. This keeps a scam artist or identity thief from laundering your money.
Not all payment methods have the withdraw option. If so, then bank wire transfers are a common method, though these take time and require a fee.

One casino is offering a much better bonus than all the others. Why should I play anywhere else?

Some sites offer ludicrously high deposit bonuses. The offer often isn’t realistic for your bankroll, or it is suspiciously high. No-name casinos offer big bonuses to lure players to their sites. They can offer a huge bonus, because they never intend to pay.
Only sign up with trusted websites with a known track record. If you’ve never heard of a site and can’t find much information about them, you should be suspicious.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

A no-deposit bonus is a one-time offer players receive for registering an account, but not making a deposit. The bonus ranges from $5 to $1,000, normally, but the size of bonuses are on the rise. These promotions have a wagering requirement, like the deposit bonus. No-deposit bonuses incur no obligation.

What is the rollover or wagering requirement?

The rollover is a requirement that a player wagers their bonus a certain number of times. If you receive a $20 no-deposit bonus and it has a 40x rollover, this means you have to wager $800 in order to withdraw that $20. If the house edge on the slot machine you play is 5%, then you should lose $5 for every $100 wagered.
This means the average player loses $40, before they can withdraw the $20. Since the bonus is gone after losing $20, most players would never be able to cash out their no-deposit bonus, in this circumstance. Most casinos weight their rollover similarly to the rollover, meaning you have a 50/50 chance to have money after playing.

Why are some bonuses tied to specific games?

Usually, the operator wants you to play the games with the higher house edge, so they restrict the games which give you a better chance to win. The question above should tell you why an online casino would want you playing a game with a high house edge.
That means games like slot machines and keno are allowed, but games like blackjack and video poker are disallowed. Some casinos are known to restrict all table games. Another tactic is to say slot machines trigger the rollover at 100%, while blackjack (and other games) trigger it at 10%. Essentially, you would increase the roller by a factor of 10 — an $800 wagering requirement would become $8,000 for blackjack.
As a general rule, you can tell the best games in a casino by looking to see which are restricted on the bonus offers.

Who is eligible for a no-deposit bonus?

Anyone who signs up for an account at the online or mobile casino offering the bonus is eligible as a default. Registrants do not need to fund their account. There are other eligibility requirements. Some sites have an age requirement of 18 years. Others require a player to be 21 years old.
Also, certain countries are banned from taking no-deposit bonuses. If a casino has a high number of fraudulent signups from IP addresses in a certain country, they will sometimes ban signups from that country.

I funded my account, so why didn’t receive my bonus?

This might happen for a number of reasons. The most common one is the casino requires a “bonus code” and you did not input it. Some casinos handle bonuses automatically, while other require a bonus code be entered. Some promo codes are case-sensitive, so make certain you added the information to the form correctly.
Another reason is you might have signed up for a sister site and received a bonus there. Gaming companies sometimes own several casinos in a network, or a site with a poker room, casino, and sportsbook.
Also, someone in your house already has collected the bonus. Casinos use technology to read your IP address and restrict bonuses to one per household. It does not matter if you use separate devices; it’s the IP address which is important.