EZ Voucher Casinos

ez voucherFor some people, depositing into online casinos can be a frustrating process. They may not have access to online wallet sites like Neteller and Skrill, while their PayPal account won’t work at any sites in their country. They’ve tried credit cards, but both their Visa and MasterCard deposits were declined.

For players like these, prepaid options are an excellent idea. EZ Voucher is one such system, designed to give individuals in the United States and throughout the world a workaround for any banking issues they might be having. The site allows users to purchase vouchers that can be redeemed at a variety of retailers and casino websites, even if other methods aren’t working. It is currently one of the most popular deposit options at online casinos that take US players.

What is EZ Voucher?

EZ Voucher is a product that is now known by the name Paste and Pay. It is a prepaid voucher system that can be purchased from a website (www.pasteandpay.com) and then spent at other sites, including a number of Internet casinos. EZ Voucher doesn’t come with any added fees: a $100 voucher costs $100, with the company accepting the voucher as payment responsible for covering the transaction costs.

Can I Use EZ Voucher to Deposit at Online Casinos?

EZ Voucher can be purchased by anyone, anywhere in the world, making it a potential deposit option for just about anyone. The restriction is on the side of the casinos themselves: there are only a limited number of casino sites that accept EZ Voucher as a payment method.

Luckily, many of those Internet casinos are trustworthy sites that are worth checking out. If you’re not sure where to start, we have recommended several EZ Voucher casinos for you to try. These include Uptown Aces and Slots of Vegas Casino.

How to Deposit with EZ Voucher

To get started using EZ Voucher, you’ll first need to sign up for an account at PasteandPay.com (remember, this is the new name for the same product). In order to sign up for an account there, you will need to provide some information to verify your identity. That includes either your Social Security number or a passport number, along with a mobile phone number.

The mobile phone number will be used to send you a registration number that you can use to confirm your identity. Once you’ve done so, your account with Paste and Pay will be active. From there, you will need to register a credit card. This card will be kept on file and debited when you purchase vouchers through the site.

With your account completely activated, you can now purchase an EZ Voucher. There are a number of premade vouchers that you can purchase, or you can enter a value amount that you would like to purchase a voucher for. In either case, you can quickly select an appropriate product and pay for it using your stored credit card. Each time you buy a voucher, you will be sent a unique PIN that corresponds to that prepaid purchase.

Now that you have your voucher number, it is time to head over to your EZ Voucher casino. Open the casino’s cashier section and look for either EZ Voucher or Paste and Pay among the list of deposit options. Enter your voucher PIN and the amount you want to deposit. Within a few seconds, your casino account should be credited and you can begin playing with your funds.

Why Use EZ Voucher?

EZ Voucher is the perfect solution for players who want to deposit at an online casino but find more traditional banking options unavailable to them. This is typically the case in areas where online gambling isn’t licensed and regulated, such as in the majority of the United States. In these cases, banks may try hard not to process online gambling payments (making credit card deposits unreliable), and many e-wallet sites either won’t offer their services or (in the case of PayPal) won’t allow for gambling-related purchases.

Sometimes, even people who have other options available to them might want to use EZ Voucher. If you’re nervous about sharing your financial information with gambling sites for any reason, EZ Voucher provides a way around this, as you only have to share your information once and can then rely on the vouchers to actually make deposits.

EZ Voucher FAQ

How much can I deposit?

The limits on EZ Voucher deposits will be set by each individual online casino. Typically, a casino will have both a minimum and maximum limit for each deposit, though the maximums may be increased for some players.

Is EZ Voucher available in the United States?

Yes, EZ Voucher is offered to users in the United States. In fact, the EZ Voucher can be purchased and used from anywhere in the world.

If I can’t use EZ Voucher, how else can I make online casino deposits?

There are many alternatives for getting money into your online casino account. You might be able to make a deposit via a credit card, and e-wallet solutions like Neteller and Skrill are also popular. If you like the idea of a prepaid voucher, Ukash is another popular prepaid option that can be purchased from many retail outlets worldwide.

What is the difference between EZ Voucher and Paste and Pay?

EZ Voucher is now known as Paste and Pay. In other words, these are two names for the same product.

Is EZ Voucher safe?

Purchasing EZ Vouchers is a safe and secure process, and the company takes extra care to verify your identity to protect its customers. As for the vouchers themselves, they should be treated like cash: your voucher numbers should not be given away to anyone, except when you are spending them.