Gold Coast Casino Project To Inject A$710 Million Into Local Economy

The A$3-billion mega Gold Coast Integrated Resort project being developed by the ASF Consortium in Queensland is expected to add up to A$710 million to the region’s economy and bring in an additional 2.1 million visitors’ stays annually according to a recent report.

Developed by an independent property advisory MacroPlan Dimasi, the report said that these benefits were over and above the thousands of the constructions jobs that will be generated once the project commences after 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast.

The project which will be developed on government land near Sea World, came about after the Wavebreak Island proposal for a cruise ship terminal and casino resort failed to gain approval. The new plan which has omitted the terminal proposal is expected to clear the environmental requirements.

Information @ ASF Group Ltd

The ASF project is currently in the public consultation phase and will be able commence construction after receiving approval from the State government.

In a statement, Louis Chien, ASF director said,

“It delivers 13,000 jobs, injects over $700 million in to the economy and it will spearhead future tourism growth for Queensland. It’s a game-changer not only for the Gold Coast, but for Queensland, so now is the time for the Gold Coast to speak up and ensure they secure the prosperity of the community and future generations”

He said that the ASF group would be creating a project with lasting impact, adding that it would not only provide immediate benefits but also ongoing investment and economic growth for the region. The completed casino is likely to result in over 9,000 jobs which would slash the city’s unemployment rate to half.

The project is facing opposition from a few environmental groups. Chien said that the Gold Coast community must find out key facts for themselves and make their opinion felt through the consultation processes. The developer has assured residents that it will address the traffic issues that may arise from the resort development. The state government is likely make a decision on the project after the consultation process closes which is likely to be mid-2017.

If the project gets approval it will result in one of the largest development projects ever seen in the Gold Coast region. The Gold Coast Integrated Resort will have three luxury hotels including one six-star, a casino with a large gaming space, a residential section with villas and apartments, a retail section as well as several dining outlets, business facilities and entertainment venues.