Overview of Razz Poker

Razz isn’t as well-known as some of the other versions of poker such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, but it’s reasonably popular with a fair number of players. It’s not the easiest poker game to play as the rules are a little complex and the correct strategies are somewhat different from the more commonly played games. For starters, it’s a lowball game, meaning the object of the game is to make the lowest possible hand.

There are some obvious advantages to playing Razz, which you can plainly see. You’ll need to put the necessary time and effort into learning the rules properly and understanding the best strategies, but there’s a potential for money to be made if you do that.

We’ve looked at some of the reasons why you should consider playing Razz on this page, and also recommended some of the top poker sites where you can play it. We’ve also offered a few basic tips that will help you when you first start playing the game.

Why Learn Razz?

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider playing Razz as an alternative to other poker variants. For one thing, it’s  different from many of the more commonly played versions and it can be fun to play something that requires contrasting approaches and thought processes. Taking a break from playing the same game all the time can also be very good for your overall development as a poker player.

Perhaps the best reason to give Razz a try is the fact that there are so many players that are relatively unskilled. You’ll find this at the low stakes of various kinds of poker, but it’s particularly noticeable at Razz. If you can just make sure that you fully understand the rules and have a basic grasp of the strategies involved, then you’ll stand a good chance of winning some money.

Best Razz Poker Sites

Razz might not be played as much as the most popular versions, but it’s still easy to find somewhere to play it, since it’s available at most online poker sites. You need to make sure that you choose the right site though, as they aren’t all of the same standard.

We’ve listed our top recommendations for Razz poker sites below. These are all reputable and trustworthy places and they all get a decent amount of traffic at the Razz tables. Knowing the amount of traffic is essential, as there’s no point in joining a site specifically to play Razz only to find out that there are rarely any games available to play in.

We should point out that we actually rank the leading poker sites in a variety of categories. This is so we can help our readers find a quality poker site that’s ideal for their own personal preferences. For example, for those of you new to poker, we rank the top sites for beginners. For those who are willing to use a large bankroll, we rank the top sites for playing high stakes.

The sites listed above are certainly among the best for playing Razz If you have other specific requirements, then you may want to browse the other categories we cover before making a final decision on which site to join.

Tips for Playing Razz

If you’re used to playing Texas Hold’em or other similar forms of poker such as Omaha High, then you’ll need to be able to put aside what you know in terms of strategy when you’re playing Razz. It’s a very different game, if only because you’re trying to make the lowest possible hand rather than the highest possible hand. Below are a few tips to get you started.

  • Be patient and wait for decent starting hands.
  • A-2-3 is the best possible starting hand and should be played aggressively.
  • Hands with three cards below 7, with no pairs, are also strong.
  • Keep track of your opponents’ cards.
  • Avoid slow playing unless you have a very good reason.

These tips are great for getting started, but they’ll only get you so far. To be successful at Razz, you’ll need to put extra effort into learning more about the required strategy. This is something we can help you with, as we have put together some additional advice that you should find useful.